Associating an Amazon VPC and a Private Hosted Zone in a different account

On the account where Route53 is hosted

$ aws route53   create-vpc-association-authorization --hosted-zone-id  Z1JVMK1DVPO61V --vpc VPCRegion=us-west-2,VPCId=vpc-00fc35adbcdfe9df0
    "HostedZoneId": "Z1JVMK1DVPO61V",
    "VPC": {
        "VPCRegion": "us-west-2",
        "VPCId": "vpc-00fc35adbcdfe9df0"

On the account whose pvc need to be associated

$ aws route53 associate-vpc-with-hosted-zone  --hosted-zone-id Z1JVMK1DVPO61V --vpc VPCRegion=us-west-2,VPCId=vpc-00fc35adbcdfe9df0
    "ChangeInfo": {
        "Id": "/change/C31EWCEKZ97DUS",
        "Status": "PENDING",
        "SubmittedAt": "2019-07-29T22:04:34.886Z",
        "Comment": ""

After the association is made, delete vpc association authorization

aws route53  delete-vpc-association-authorization  --hosted-zone-id  ZQQKW6A8U9T6G --vpc VPCRegion=us-west-2,VPCId=vpc-00fc35adbcdfe9df0