A chart is organized as a collection of files inside of a directory. The directory name is the name of the chart

A sample wordpress chart directory structure

Chart.yaml          # A YAML file containing information about the chart
LICENSE             # OPTIONAL: A plain text file containing the license for the chart           # OPTIONAL: A human-readable README file
requirements.yaml   # OPTIONAL: A YAML file listing dependencies for the chart
values.yaml         # The default configuration values for this chart
charts/             # A directory containing any charts upon which this chart depends.
templates/          # A directory of templates that, when combined with values
                    # will generate valid Kubernetes manifest files.
templates/NOTES.txt # OPTIONAL: A plain text file containing short usage notes

The chart can contain a short plain text templates/NOTES.txt file that will be printed out after installation, and when viewing the status of a release. This file is evaluated as a template, and can be used to display usage notes, next steps, or any other information relevant to a release of the chart.