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App Engine is regional * Reduntly available across all the zones within that region

Standard Environment

  • Managed runtime for specific versions of Java, Python, PHP and GO
  • Rapid automatic scaling to meet spikes in demand
  • Runs in secure sandboxed env
  • More restrictions than Flexible env
    • Can not write to local file system or modify runtime
  • Charged on instance hours (how often it's used) - Machine type not calculated
  • Faster scale up time (seconds)
  • More constrainsts
  • Intend to run for free or very low cost
    • Only pay for what you need when you need it
    • If no traffic, no instances in use

Flexible Environment

  • Based on Compute Engine
  • Autoscale based on load
  • Native support for Java, Jetty, Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, .Net, and go
    • or provide own runtime by supplying own docker image
  • Customize infrastructure: Custom libraries, use SSH, or use own docker containers
    • Specify CPU/Memory config
  • Charged by CPU/Memory/Storage
  • Compared to Compute Engine:
    • Instances are automatically updated/patched
    • Health check hadled for you
    • Regional placemnet handled for you for optimal performance
    • Root SSH disabled by default but can be enabled
  • Slower scale up time I Consistent traffic, gradual scale up /down
  • Load OS dependent packages