rpcdebug is the command used to set NFS & RPC debug flags. This command supports below switch :

  • -m : specify modules to set or clear
  • -s : set given debug flags
  • -c : Clear flags

Pretty simple! If you want to enable debugging use -s, if you want to turn off/disable debugging use -c! Below are list of important debug flags you can set or clear.

  • nfs : NFS client
  • nfsd : NFS server
  • nlm : Network lock manager of client or server
  • rpc : Remote procedure call module of client or server

Enable NFS logs

# rpcdebug -m nfsd all
nfsd       sock fh export svc proc fileop auth repcache xdr lockd


Once this is done you need to restart your nfs daemon. After restarting you can check syslog and voila! There are your nfs logs!

Disable debugging for NFS logs

rpcdebug -m  nfsd -c  all
nfsd      <no flags set>