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VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

  • VPC networks, including their associated routes and firewall rules, are global resources
  • Subnets are regional resources.
  • Network can span multiple regions
  • Subnets can spanm multiple zones
  • All GCP networking resources are assigned to a VPC network
  • Subnets can be converted from automatic to custom but not the otherway
  • Instances in a VPC network can communicate with Google APIs and services using private IP addresses if you enable private Google access for them.
  • You can share a VPC network from one project to instances in another project within the same organization using shared VPC. Shared VPC enables multi-tenancy deployments and delegated instance administration while separately maintaining network administrative controls.
  • VPC networks can be connected to other GCP VPC networks from different projects or organizations by using VPC peering.
  • VPC networks can be securely connected in hybrid environments by using VPN connections or dedicated interconnect.
  • VPC administration can be secured using Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles
  • Resources within a VPC network can communicate with one another using internal (private) IPv4 addresses, subject to applicable network firewall rules


  • Each VPC network is divided into useful partitions called subnetworks or subnets.
  • Each subnet is associated with a region.
  • Networks can contain one or more subnets in any given region
  • Auto mode networks create subnets in each region automatically
  • Custom mode networks start with no subnets, giving you full control over subnet creation
  • IP ranges for subnets in the same network do not have to be a member of a larger contiguous CIDR block.
  • Every subnet has four reserved IP addresses in its primary IP range:
    • Network - First address
    • Default route - Second address
    • Second to last reservation
    • Broadcast - Last address

Firewall rules

  • Can be assigned to the entire VPC or individual instances


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